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Dog Sitting Terms & Conditions


You, the Owner are responsible for any Veterinary Fees incurred and any damage.  We will give your dog a quick Health & Safety checkover to check for any injuries and inform you of anything that we find, with photos if necessary.


Payment can be made in cash either at the end of the sit or by BACS to:  Mettle Bank Account Name: 4 Paws Natural Therapies; Sort Code: 23-69-72; Account No: 29091372.


We agree to try and contact your or your alternative emergency contact in an emergency.  If not, we reserve the right to act on your behalf and with Veterinary Surgeon's advice but any fees incurred will be your responsibility.


I understand that I leave my animals with AM's Walk & Train at my own risk. 


We require at least 48 hours' notice of  cancellation of this service.


Clients must provide keys or arrange for keys to be available, if necessary and make any other necessary arrangements (eg house alarms) so that AM's Walk & Train can carry out their work as per the arranged sit.


Clients must provide all items and details necessary for dogs to be adequately cared for in the client's absence (eg food, medication, etc).  Should dogs require any additional supplies, these will be purchased and billed seperately.


I declare that I am the legal owner of the dog(s) named above and that all the information shown on this form is correct.  Further, I have read, understand and fully accept the terms and conditions above.  I also authorise AM's Walk & Train to call my Veterinary Surgeon above on my behalf if necessary and at my expense.  (Please let your vet know you have authorised this).

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